Birthday BBQ

The past few years I didn’t have birthday parties because I thought it was too much of a hassle to gather everyone together and because people might be bored if they did what I enjoy, which is to go on a hike or picnic at the park. That was high school, but college is a … Continue reading Birthday BBQ

Roth Regatta

One of the more famous Stony Brook Traditions is annual Roth Pong Regatta. The event in a nutshell can be described as a bunch of student organizations competing across a pond in a creative boats build using only cardboard and duct tape. I’m not sure how this event started, but I’m sure the founders would … Continue reading Roth Regatta

Finding Nemo

So far the East Coast climate hasn’t been very welcoming since I came to Stony Brook University. From my two years here, I was first greeted by downed power lines from an earthquake, then Hurricane Sandy canceled any Halloween plans, and now this Nemo Blizzard. Nevertheless, I am never deterred from going out and take photos of Mother Nature’s wrath (sometimes I … Continue reading Finding Nemo